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    Honestly? No. The military is voluntary, not compulsory. It is a job like any other. If you want to shrink the military...
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    And it doesn’t concern you that we have such a large military compared to everyone else? It’s like we’re looking for...
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    Piling Adding on: What’s more outrageous is the fact that Myanmar is not a rich country, and they aren’t at war with...
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    Sometimes, amongst the politics and the headlines and the anti-military sentiment that some have, the people who are...
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    That’s a nice story. But it doesn’t change the fact that there are fancy new toys being bought at ridiculously high...
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    Thank you for posting this because your last graph was misleading others into stupidity over budgetary concerns. I’m...
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    Most of those countries have relatively small GDPs, so even a little military spending will equal a large percentage....
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    Wow, good job with the percentages. Now just look up what each countries GDP is and how much those percentages equal in...
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